Until last week I'd never really used Wiki at all. But I thought a good way of diminishing my responsibility for maintaining the UEA Studios website would be to re-implement it as a Wiki and let the staff and students keep it up to date. So I did. And I found that MoinMoin is impossibly cool. A little bit of Apache configuration and it Just Worked(tm).

I'm now thinking about Wikifying everything. Its probably just newbie keenness - I'm sure it'll pass eventually. But, on a similar note, I'm teaching the 1st years about HTML later on this month in a course which I've called Practical Digital Publishing in Academia (pretty pretentious, eh?). So now I'm thinking, should I teach stuff like Wiki markup as well? The main points I want to get across are: good document structuring; and intelligent linking networks/social knowledge construction. So I guess Wiki could be relevant for at least the second of those aims.

In relation to this, I've started using UEA's Blackboard facility. This is quite possibly the best (only good?) IT decision UEA has ever made. It has a really well-thought-out data model for describing courses and it even works on my browser! Wicked.