I finally read PEP 0333 last night, WSGI. I've been meaning to do it for months after my co-developer on Pycoon started work on a new version of the project which implements it as a WSGI application.

I have become an immediate convert and really like the idea of little, discrete interoperable components that you can mix and match into whole Web applications without worrying abouts platforms. Of course, if the plethora of Python web frameworks is a problem, then WSGI will only exacerbate it, but in a more manageable manner. I don't see Python web frameworks as a problem though, more a sort of rite of passage - everyone should have a go at writing a Python web framework. WSGI will mean that other people will actually be able to use your framework before telling you that its pointless at best, or at worst, complete rubbish!

Right, now I'll be able to be a more useful Pycoon developer again. Yay!