See, I knew my newbie keenness would wear off.

Well, a sad day on Tuesday: we got rid of a pair of NeXT machines. There was a NeXTcube which had a broken hard disk and a split in its back panel and a NeXTstation (the slab one) with no PSU! So not in the best of condition but the Cube exudes 1980s optimism, its quite an imposing presence. Before passing them on we did take some photos which I may see if I can post somehow (but it was on someone else's camera!).

Both machines (apart from the brokenness) were complete, including original NeXT monitors, which are necessary as the keyboard and power plug into them, and original NeXT mice and keyboards which have a similar configuration to Mac keyboards and mice: the mouse plugs into the keyboard and the power on/off button is on the keyboard. I've also found out that, apparently, the mice are quite hard to come by and sought after (despite being blocky and, frankly, quite ugly!)

Because we weren't able to boot either machine, we've no idea what operating systems were installed. Though, presumably it must be some version of NeXT Step. It would be possible, I suppose, to install Debian or NetBSD on them, but it would be much more fun to try and get NeXT step working. Unfortunately, its not free software and so is quite difficult to get hold of.

Anyway, they've gone to another ALUGer and, I expect, have found a good home. In fact, its possible that, if he can get them into a reasonably working state, we may see them at an ALUG kit meet one day.

Here is the post I put on ALUG main:

There are some interesting links on there including one about a chap trying to burn the Cube casing (its made of some magnesium alloy).