National Express have increased their rail fares from next week.

I regularly travel from London to Norwich for the weekend and my selection of single advanced fares with a Young Persons' Rail Card include: Mythical (�3.95), Cheap and Cheerful (�5.95); Acceptable (�7.90); Annoying (�10.55); Emergency Only (�13.85); and then various Absolute No No prices.

So I bought my tickets for this weekend just now and on Friday Cheap and Cheerful, and Acceptable were quite easy to get which is great. But on Monday they've all vanished and been replaced by a whole load of completely alien prices. It's like when you get into your office and someone has moved all the stuff around on your desk. It's slightly disconcerting.

I'm guessing this is in relation to simplification of ticket naming schemes. In fact, National Express already operated the Anytime, Off-peak, Advanced system so I don't understand why they're changing their ticket prices.

While I'm on the subject, I wish they'd sort out their quiet coach policy. They always say "please avoid using mobile phones, laptops and other audio equipment". In fact, it's people talking which is most annoying in a quiet coach. First Great Western say "please keep noise levels to a minimum" which is much more straightforward.