So Harriet Harman said yesterday, "The public who elected us, and whom we represent, expect us to sort it out. As Leader of the House, I want to say--on behalf, I hope, of the whole House--'We get it. We're going to sort it out.' That goes for all of us. We are aware of the scale of anger and outrage. We all believe that the issue needs to be sorted out, and we will work together urgently to do exactly that."

This seems to be quite a common theme in this whole business; MPs saying, we must sort this out because the public don't like it. But I would've thought that they should sort it out because it's wrong, not because of how it influences our opinion of them. It's like they're saying, now that we've been caught we need to stop doing it. Would they still be making dishonest expenses claims now if the Telegraph hadn't published details of it, if the public weren't aware? It seems to me that it's only because of the matter coming to light that they've chosen to try to stamp it out.