Quite a busy week this week.

On Tuesday I gave my presentation on using Emacs and org-mode for Getting Things Done. This was intended for staff and research students in Computing. In the end, only a few people turned up, but they were a good audience; a mixture of Emacs power users and newbies. I think the idea is that this series of tutorials may serve as practice ones and we'll give them again during a busier time of year.

The DRHA (Digital Resources for the Humanities and Arts) paper has been accepted. So hopefully I'll be going to Dublin in September.

I've bought a new keyboard. It's a nice, light touch, flat, laptop-style keyboard and, but for missing an insert key (which I'm used to using with Shift for paste, avoiding Ctrl+v), it's very nice (though Gtk Emacs will yank from the clipboard anyway). Much more comfortable than my old sluggish, full-size wireless one.

We did lots of baking and cleaning over the weekend in preparation for both sets of parents coming to visit on Wednesday, staying till today. They were here because Zoe and I both graduated on Wednesday, Zoe with a BA in music, and me with an MMus. I was the only person with a bright pink hood. The ceremony seemed to be shorter and a lot less boring than my BA one several years ago. I think then Music was with Biology and we had a guest lecture on calcium. Anyway, the bread and brownies were lovely.

We took the parents on a City Boats tour of Norwich on Thursday which was really nice. It went from Elm Hill all the way down to the Yare with the customary (but still interesting) commentary of local anecdotes. For instance, the original Nosey Parker (Rev'd Thomas Parker) was a Norwich resident. (Incidentally, Google does not verify this; such is boat tour operator sourced information.) Also, when we got to the Colman's factory, there was a fantastic smell of mint (not mustard). We also went on the Bure Valley railway, narrow gauge steam.

We're busy trying to find flats near New Cross. There seems to be quite a lot of choice which I guess is the state of the market at the moment; properties are staying on for a bit longer which allows us a bit more time to look and choose.

So quite a lot of leisure and not much work this week.