Oh no, I missed my last-blogging anniversary!

I've done quite a bit in the last year. Most important, I've got a lovely girlfriend.

I've also started a new job working at Goldsmiths, University of London in the Intelligent Sound and Music Systems research group in the Computing Department. I'm working on a research project called Purcell Plus. We're attempting to make a musicological case for computational musicology.

So I've moved to London. New Cross to be precise. It's a very lively area. But we still have a flat in Norwich and I often go home at weekends which is very nice.

I'm learning Lisp. Most of the tools my research group are developing are Lisp-based. Once I'd been prompted that Common Lisp is actually multi-paradigmatic and that re-using procedural paradigms from languages like Python in Lisp is perfectly acceptable I started getting on a lot better. I need to learn CLOS and CLIM next. Maybe I'll blog about that.

It's nice working in a computing department. As my first degree was in music I've never experienced a university computer science department before. I like the slightly more productive research culture and the more skill-based, cumulative undergraduate programme. I've been tutoring first year Java labs. (Java is a dreadful language to teach in. Maybe I'll blog about that too.)

We had a great weekend this weekend. Zoe played the Poulenc Double Piano Concerto in Norwich Cathedral on Friday which was fantastic! We went to her sister's birthday party in Sussex in Saturday. And chilled out in New Cross last night.

Should I start blogging again? Maybe.